Boost Your Home Security with Nest Aware: An Easy Guide

Nest Aware is a subscription-based service provided by Nest, a leading provider of smart home products. With its advanced features and seamless integration with Nest security cameras and devices, Nest Aware offers homeowners a comprehensive and intelligent solution for enhanced home security.

By subscribing to Nest Aware, users can access various powerful features, including continuous video recording, intelligent alerts, familiar face detection, activity zones, and emergency calls.

Nest Aware leverages cloud computing and machine learning to deliver these features effectively, ensuring that security footage is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere.

The service also offers flexible pricing options to accommodate different needs and budgets. With Nest Aware, homeowners can have peace of mind, knowing that their homes are equipped with advanced security features and a robust monitoring system.

What is Nest Aware?

Nest Aware is a subscription-based service provided by Nest, a prominent smart home product provider. It is specifically designed to integrate smoothly with Nest security cameras, video doorbells, and other compatible devices.

Subscribing to Nest Aware grants users access to a diverse set of advanced features that significantly enhance the functionality and effectiveness of their security system.

With Nest Aware, users can enjoy a higher level of control, intelligent alerts, continuous video recording, familiar face detection, and more, providing a comprehensive and robust security solution for their homes.

Key Features of Nest Aware

The key features of Nest Aware include continuous video recording, intelligent alerts, familiar face detection, activity zones, and emergency calls. These features enhance security and monitoring capabilities, giving users peace of mind and customizable control over their home security system.

Continuous Video Recording

Nest Aware’s continuous video recording sets it apart from traditional security cameras. While standard cameras only record when motion is detected, Nest Aware captures footage around the clock, ensuring no crucial moment escapes your attention.

This feature proves invaluable when reviewing past events or collecting evidence. Whether you’re monitoring your home or business, having continuous video recording provides a comprehensive view of activities and offers peace of mind.

By eliminating gaps in recording, Nest Aware ensures that every detail is captured, enhancing the system’s overall security and surveillance capabilities.

Intelligent Alerts

Nest Aware employs advanced algorithms to provide intelligent alerts. Instead of receiving notifications for every minor movement, you can customize the sensitivity settings to receive alerts for specific events that matter to you.

Whether detecting a person’s presence, a package delivery, or a pet wandering into a restricted area, Nest Aware keeps you informed and in control. With its ability to filter out irrelevant motion, you’ll receive targeted notifications that align with your security needs.

It ensures that you stay informed about the events that are most important to you, enhancing the effectiveness of your monitoring experience.

Familiar Face Detection

Nest Aware can teach your security system to recognize familiar faces. This feature is particularly beneficial for households with multiple occupants or frequent visitors.

Once a face is identified, Nest Aware can provide personalized notifications or turn off specific security features, ensuring your loved ones are not mistaken as potential intruders. It adds an extra layer of convenience and security to your monitoring system.

Activity Zones

With Nest Aware, you can define specific areas within the camera’s field of view as activity zones. It lets you closely monitor critical areas like entry points or valuable assets. By setting up activity zones, Nest Aware will send alerts and prioritize recording within those areas.

This feature gives you more control and security, ensuring you stays well-informed about activities occurring in the areas that matter most to you.

Emergency Calling

Nest Aware provides an added layer of protection through its emergency calling feature. In an emergency, you can quickly connect to emergency services by tapping on the Nest app.

This direct connection lets you provide crucial information, such as your address and other vital details to the authorities. In critical situations where time is of the essence, this feature can be a lifesaver, ensuring that help is dispatched promptly and efficiently.

How Nest Aware Works

Nest Aware utilizes cloud computing to operate effectively. Security footage captured by Nest cameras is securely stored in the cloud, granting you convenient access from anywhere.

The cloud-based infrastructure enables advanced algorithms and machine learning models to run, enabling intelligent features such as continuous recording, familiar face detection, and activity zones.

Compatibility with Nest Products

Nest Aware integrates with other Nest products, creating a cohesive ecosystem that enhances home security. Nest produces many surveillance cameras, including the Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, and the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Aware ensures a unified and powerful security solution. Moreover, Nest Aware can integrate with various smart home devices and platforms, expanding your control and convenience.

Pricing Options and Subscription Plans

Nest aware offers flexible pricing options tailored to different needs and budgets. The plans vary based on the number of cameras and desired video history duration.

Whether you’re a homeowner with a single camera or a business owner with multiple locations, there’s a Nest Aware plan to suit your requirements. For detailed pricing information and subscription options, visit the official Nest website.

Setting Up Nest Aware:

Setting up Nest Aware is a simple process. First, ensure your compatible Nest devices are installed and connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Then, create a Nest account and subscribe to Nest Aware.

Follow the provided step-by-step instructions from Nest to link your devices, customize settings, and enjoy the enhanced security features of Nest Aware.

Real-Life Success Stories:

Numerous real-life success stories demonstrate the effectiveness of Nest Aware in preventing crimes, identifying intruders, and providing valuable evidence to law enforcement.

From thwarting package thefts to identifying trespassers, Nest Aware has empowered homeowners to regain peace of mind and take proactive steps to ensure the safety of their property and loved ones.

How Much Does Nest Aware Cost?

Nest Aware’s pricing has increased this year. Users of Nest Learning Thermostat must now pay either $5.99/month or $59.99/year to continue accessing the features, regardless of the number of devices added.

Unlike Nest Aware, other smart security solutions charge extra fees for multiple cameras. If you want to upgrade to Nest Aware Plus, the fee is $12 per month or $120 per year, providing unlimited camera support and simultaneous recording of multiple devices.


Nest Aware represents a significant advancement in home security. Its advanced features, seamless integration with other Nest products, and flexible subscription plans offer homeowners a comprehensive and intelligent solution.

By harnessing the capabilities of cloud computing and machine learning, Nest Aware provides peace of mind, allowing you to prioritize your family, home, and overall well-being.

With its commitment to enhancing security and convenience, Nest Aware empowers users to take control of their home security and enjoy a greater sense of security and tranquility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nest Aware Compatible with Non-Nest Cameras?

Nest Aware is specifically designed to work with Nest cameras and compatible Nest devices.

Can I Access my Nest Aware Footage from Multiple Devices?

Using the Nest app or web interface, you can access your Nest Aware footage from Smartphone’s, tablets, and computers.

What Happens if My Internet Connection Goes Down?

Nest cameras have built-in storage that can retain footage even when the internet connection is temporarily unavailable. Once the connection is restored, the footage is automatically synced to the cloud.

Can I Share my Nest Aware Footage with Others?

Yes, you can grant your Nest Aware footage access to trusted individuals, such as family members or neighbors, through the Nest app.

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