Best Places to Start a Business in Florida

Best places to start a business in Florida offering unique advantages and opportunities for entrepreneurial success. Florida, renowned for its thriving economy and entrepreneurial spirit, offers a range of exceptional locations for aspiring business owners to establish their ventures.

The state provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurial success, from vibrant coastal cities to bustling metropolises and emerging commercial destinations.

In Sarasota, entrepreneurs are drawn to the city’s exceptional quality of life, highlighted by its vibrant cultural scene, stunning beaches, and affluent culture.

The arts, entertainment, medical, academic, and professional service sectors thrive in this conducive environment. Fort Lauderdale, situated in Broward County, stands out as an ideal destination with its concentration of small businesses and ambitious individuals embracing risk-taking.

The city’s affordability, modest taxes, and attractive tax breaks make it an appealing choice for starting a business.

Best Places to Start a Business in Florida

Florida offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Sarasota attracts with its quality of life and cultural scene. Fort Lauderdale stands out for its concentration of small businesses and affordability.

Tallahassee provides a favorable environment with its educational and governmental institutions. These cities are prime choices for business ventures in Florida.

1:      Sarasota

Sarasota is a highly sought-after location, attracting visitors and potential residents with its exceptional quality of life. The city boasts a vibrant cultural scene, breathtaking beaches, and an affluent culture, making it an appealing destination.

Businesses in the arts, entertainment, medical, academic, and professional service sectors flourish in Sarasota’s conducive environment.

With its unique combination of business opportunities and desirable lifestyle, Sarasota is a prime choice for entrepreneurs and companies looking to thrive in a dynamic and prosperous community.

2:      Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, located in Broward County, is an ideal place in Florida to establish a company. With a population of nearly 2.8 million, Broward County is the most populous county in the state.

The county boasts many families earning $75,000 or more annually, although the typical income is $39,094. The city is renowned for its small business concentration and ambitious individuals willing to take risks. Fort Lauderdale offers affordable living expenses, modest taxes, and various tax breaks for local companies.

Starting a business here requires a minimal annual fee of $150, with no initial investment required, and digital submission for the first annual report.

The city attracts professionals from all over the country due to abundant opportunities, a low cost of living, and a vibrant artistic community.

3:      Tallahassee:

Tallahassee serves as the political, educational, and medical center of Florida. Thanks to its concentration of colleges, research institutes, and government organizations, the city provides favorable conditions for businesses in the technology, healthcare, and professional service sectors.

With its strategic location and access to a skilled workforce, Tallahassee offers abundant opportunities for companies to thrive and grow.

4:      Palatka:

Palatka, Florida, which once had a modest population of only one thousand residents, has experienced a turnaround. Located just 10 miles west of Orlando, Palatka offers several advantages to small businesses, including access to an educated and available labor force, affordable office space rentals, and the opportunity to cultivate a loyal clientele.

While previously lacking in amenities like banking services and a public library, Palatka now presents a revitalized landscape for entrepreneurs, positioned to tap into its potential as a burgeoning commercial destination.

5:      Sebring:

Sebring, Florida, boasts a top-notch labor force and a thriving economy. With an unemployment rate lower than the state and national average, the city is expanding steadily, attracting a growing population.

Sebring’s allure lies in its renowned Sebring International Raceway hosting annual sports car championships and its proximity to Lake Istokpoga, making it an appealing destination for water sports enthusiasts.

The city’s vibrant economic climate provides a favorable environment for businesses to flourish, benefitting from various resources such as incubators, accelerators, mentors, and investors.

6:      Coral Gables:

Coral Gables, Florida, was an early adopter of commercial internet access, enabling businesses of all sizes to establish an online presence ahead of the curve. Known for its entrepreneurial spirit, Coral Gables attracts individuals with a keen eye for business.

The city’s compact yet vibrant setting allows for the emergence of new ventures, as entrepreneurs are free to innovate without fear of being overshadowed by established corporations.

Coral Gables has a business incubator and startup program at Miami Dade College, focusing on technology and relationships with large industries.

7:      St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, with its attractive beaches, hotels, commercial areas, and green spaces, has become a magnet for over 400,000 residents by 2025. The city offers abundant resources for founders, including incubators, accelerators, mentors, and investors.

Startup Village, among other incubators and accelerators, further supports local businesses and entrepreneurs. St.

Petersburg is home to many newly established companies that have successfully built a consumer base while shaping their identities, contributing to the city’s dynamic business landscape.

8:      Jacksonville:

Jacksonville, a thriving hub for established industries and new ventures, experienced significant growth in new companies and startups. The city’s affordable cost of living, reasonably priced housing, and robust community support have made it an attractive place to live.

Entrepreneurs benefit from access to a wide range of services, including small business incubators and accelerators, offering expertise and networking opportunities within their industries.

Jacksonville’s favorable ecosystem positions it as an ideal city to launch a company, tapping into the diverse resources and support available for entrepreneurial success.

9:      Miami Beach

Miami Beach’s strategic location nestled between the states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, makes it a prime destination for entrepreneurs.

Situated 2.5 hours from Orlando and 4 hours from New York City, the city also enjoys proximity to Atlanta, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Moreover, Miami Beach offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other U.S. cities, resulting in lower expenses and earnings.

Businesses have access to a sizable consumer base due to the city’s diversified population, which has a sizable immigrant population.

The thriving tourism sector, easy access to skilled workers, and one-of-a-kind cultural attractions such as beaches, restaurants, and nightclubs make Miami Beach one of the top five cities in the United States to begin a business. Miami Beach is ranked among the top five areas in the United States to create a startup.

10: Maitland

Maitland, Florida’s central business district is experiencing robust growth as the city expands. With an estimated population of around 300,000, Maitland benefits from its convenient proximity to major airports and a large tax base, resulting in low property tax rates.

Its location near major urban centers and the prosperous economy of the surrounding Northwest Florida region make it a practical choice for businesses.

The city’s thriving economy, reasonable cost of living, and moderate tax burden make it an attractive place for company development.

11: Doral

Doral, boasting a population of over 170,000, a flourishing economy, and easy access to beautiful beaches, is an ideal location for businesses. Common car problems are between Interstates 75 and 595; the city enjoys convenient transportation links.

Companies based in Doral benefit from low utility prices and exemptions from state income and unemployment taxes. Doral offers excellent services and is home to Fortune 500 corporations like Home Depot, UPS, and Southwest Airlines.

12: Pensacola:

Pensacola is a historic port city with a significant military presence due to its location in the western portion of Florida. It is a desirable location for companies in the aerospace, military, and rapidly developing technology industries to locate their operations.

Pensacola offers a favorable environment for businesses trying to establish themselves in various areas due to the city’s rich history and strategic position.

13: Naples

Naples, Florida, is a bustling metropolis with a thriving economy and a warm community. The city offers diverse business opportunities and attracts talented individuals seeking to provide essential services. Known as the city that never sleeps, Naples boasts luxurious five-star hotels, Michelin-starred dining options, and a wide array of boutique and department stores.

Entrepreneurs have limitless possibilities to start their ventures, as Naples encompasses a range of economic sectors. Naples attracts home-based firm entrepreneurs wanting a good quality of life and low costs due to its nice weather, constant visitor flow, and business-friendly climate.


Florida offers diverse places to start a business, each with unique advantages and opportunities. Entrepreneurs have a wide range of options, from the vibrant cultural scene and exceptional quality of life in Sarasota to the concentration of small businesses, affordability in Fort Lauderdale, and the favorable environment fueled by educational and governmental institutions in Tallahassee.

These cities demonstrate Florida’s business-friendly environment. Florida fosters entrepreneurship in arts and entertainment, technology, healthcare, and professional services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sarasota Is Considered One Of The Best Places To Start A Business In Florida?

Sarasota offers an exceptional quality of life, a vibrant cultural scene, and flourishing arts and entertainment sector, creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

What Makes Fort Lauderdale An Attractive Destination For Entrepreneurs?

Fort Lauderdale stands out for its concentration of small businesses, affordability, and various tax breaks, making it an appealing choice for starting a business.

Why Is Tallahassee Recommended For Starting A Business In Florida?

Tallahassee’s concentration of colleges, research institutes, and government organizations provides a favorable environment for businesses in technology, healthcare, and professional services to flourish.

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